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It is that time of the year again. Christmas is approaching, but you still are not sure what to get your friends and loved ones.

Figurines and knick knacks make great and simple gifts. Virtually everyone has a favorite animal and action figure. Get them an affordable figurine of their favorite and you are likely to never go wrong again.  This link discusses a little more about these alternative gifts for this year and other years to come.

It is always great to find more ways to save money in struggling and even good financial times. If you can save money and still please the one receiving the gift, it is a definite win-win situation.




Halloween is quickly approaching. Are you looking to find the right haunted house near you? Check out and find haunted houses near you. They also have websites that provide Halloween products . This is a great directory you may want to save to your favorites.

One important thing to remember this year is safety. Here is an article about Halloween safety tip you can use again and again.  Failing to follow proper safety preparations can lead to possibly injuries or even worse. Prepare to not only have an exciting time, but also a safe time.

Are you ready for partying and trick-or-treating? Before you know it, it will be that time again!



The popularity of figurines and knick knacks is still important to many collector’s around the globe. Although they are still sought for, there are not many websites that actually offer them for purchase.

Yes there are sites like that allow people to share their images of gorgeous looking collectibles, but they rarely offer them for sale. This article goes into detail about the popularity and various kinds of collectibles that are offered online. After all, why should brick and motor stores be the only ones to offer them?


Taxidermy dioramas include real animals and even insects that were stuffed and mounted. They make each scene look even better for make-believe. Some animals include squirrels, rats, mice, and bobcats. You may see insects such as spiders in the background to look even more realistic. The imagination can surely run wild while creating a scene.

Take a look at this totally twisted diorama from Oneshotvariety    

The set features a squirrel that is performing a taxidermy on humans. A jaw of an elk is used as a fleshing machine. Some of the process is similar to a basic taxidermy mount of big or small game, but a lot of it is very different and unconventional. The site includes a fictional story about the process of exactly how the squirrel is able to complete a human taxidermy. This is truly one of a kind and is far from the usual. There are many strange taxidermy dioramas, but this one is probably in the top ten of the weirdest and most twisted.

With Halloween closely approaching, many of us are searching for the perfect creepy mask. Of course, there are thousands of masks available online. Many websites sell masks as well as decorations. If you are looking for creepy masks or many more types of masks, visit They have many different masks available such as creepy, funny and horrific looking. There is nothing more convenient than shopping online for your favorite Halloween gear. Also, the stress of driving from shop to shop and waiting in line can easily be avoided.

ImageA Mask That Went Too Far

Just recently, a mask of suspect James Holmes was listed on The mask was a realistic-looking version of Holmes. It certainly has outraged many people This ridiculous listing was quickly removed by Ebay on Friday October 5th. The mask is already being called the most offensive Hallowen mask of all time. What is your opinion on this outrageous mask?

Shrunken Head Replica

Posted: September 22, 2012 in Shopping

Shrunken Head Replica

Shrunken Head Replica

Christmas will be here before you know it.  Many people have already started purchasing gifts online and offline. Whether you get your gifts early or closer to Christmas, there are so many different types of gifts available. Why not give an unexpected gift this year?

I recently wrote an article about odd gifts that would make great surprises. These options may help you get an idea of possible products that may be a perfect fit for your family and friends.

There are also shopping directories like DMOZ, Goguides and Joeant that provide many shopping sites for even more gift options. Of course, you will run into unusual gifts that you can’t find in your average brick and mortar store. Always make sure you are getting the best deal possible. The more options, the better chances you will find many great deals. I hope you find great deals that help you save a lot of money.

Online shopping has it’s positives and negatives. I have created a lens to help provide tips for online shoppers. Tips from saving money to shopping safely online will help guide you through your online shopping experience.